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Use the Right Service is a website that aims to help people access NHS services across Southampton and South West Hampshire.
Throughout this website, you can find information about what service is best for you, and how you can make an appointment or visit the most suitable service.

Self Help Leaflets or links:

Common childhood illnesses: The ‘Healthier Together’ website provides you with information to help keep your child safe and healthy, as well as helping you decide what to do when your child is unwell.

Minor Eye Problems: if you have a minor eye problem, such as sore eyes, red eyes or visual disturbance you can be assessed and treated at participating optician locally. Call 0300 303 4922 Mon-Fri 9-5pm 0r go to and use the ‘Find a practice’ tool

Symptom Checker and Patient advice leaflets – for all problems:

Musculoskeletal problems – exercises to manage pain:

Stress,Depression,Anger,Anxiety,Phobias,Alcohol,Eating Disorders, and more…..

Exercise: for advice on the enormous health benefits of exercise: Physical_activity_infographic

Insomnia: We get many queries about medications to help with poor sleep patterns, but the available medications all have side effects including memory problems and addictiveness. This leaflet discusses self help for sleep problems avoiding drugs: There is good evidence that ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ can help patients with insomnia – this can be accessed through ‘Freecbti’. Another option is listening to slow, soft soothing music at bedtime – ‘Sleep’ by Max Richter was specifically written in co-operation with neuroscientists for the purpose (it is 8.5 hours long and can be played through the night to keep you dozing) and is widely available on streaming services.


Social Support:

Hampshire County Council website provides comprehensive information and advice and access to care and support services:

Other Helpful Links:

Dementia: this web page on gives lots of local resources for people living with dementia and their carers:

Counselling: Self refer to iTalk counselling service for guided self-hep, online counselling, group or individual counselling:

Sexual Health:

Contraceptive Pill: For link to information about your Online Contraceptive Pill Check

Newly Pregnant?: For information about how to get in contact with a midwife: Maternity Self Referral

Alcohol and drug addiction support:

Stop smoking support:

Support to lose weight: Do you need help losing weight?

Older driver safety: arrange a supportive assessment with an experienced driving instructor in your own car  or a more formal assessment of your driving skills through Wessex Drivability

Balance problems: link to local balance classes or home exercise programmes:

Dizziness: link to an excellent interactive website developed by Southampton University to help people who suffer from vertigo:

Shortcuts to leaflets for some frequently asked questions:

Prostate: should I have my PSA checked?:

Ear Wax Self Treatment: Ear wax self care

Cholesterol and statins: should I take a statin?

Sleep Issues – for advice and links, go to the New Forest PCN website and follow the links to sleep. You can also go to Sleepstation for help and advice.


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