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Low Carbon Salbutamol Inhalers

Standard inhalers used to treat asthma contribute a significant proportion of the carbon footprint of the NHS.

The commonly used inhalers (called MDIs = meter dose inhalers) have a  20-40 times higher carbon footprint than the more environmentally friendly inhalers (called DPIs = dry powder inhalers, or soft mist inhalers).

You could make a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of the NHS by changing to a low carbon impact inhaler.

You can read more information about this, provided by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence), via this link: NICE Asthma Inhaler Patient Decision Aid for Statins


Dry Powder Inhalers:

The most commonly used environmentally friendly inhalers are the Salbutamol Easyhaler and the Ventolin Accuhaler. If you click on the links below you can see a short video about each of these inhalers.

Salbutamol Easyhaler

Ventolin Accuhaler


If you would like to switch from your current inhaler to one of the environmentally friendly inhalers please complete this short form:

Salbutamol Inhaler Decision Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
My new low carbon inhaler choice(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



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