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Any communication you make with any of the Chawton House staff is totally confidential. Your medical records are secure and will never be divulged without your consent. Please be aware that all practice staff, by virtue of their employment, have access to your records and all communications about you. We are here to look after you. If you have a problem, never hesitate to ask for help. We are always open to constructive suggestions.

Access To Medical Records  

Whilst we are responsible for the proper maintenance of your Medical Record during your period of Registration with this practice, these records remain the property of the Department of Health. Chawton House Surgery is registered under the Data Protection Act 2018. We are required under the Data Protection Act 1988 to maintain your personal medical records in a confidential manner and access to your records is therefore restricted to those persons deemed to be maintaining those records on behalf of the Department of Health and by those directly involved in your health care.

As a Training practice we are occasionally called upon to facilitate research into clinical conditions and prevalence data. Only fully qualified medical staff undertakes such research and the data extracted is fully anonymised to ensure that no individual Data Subject can be identified.

As the patient (Data Subject) you have a right, subject to limitations under the law, to have access to your personal Medical Record. Enquiries about your medical history from such bodies as Insurance/Life assurance etc. are only permissible with your formal consent. You should be asked to give consent to such enquiries before your General Practitioner releases information. If for any reason you wish to view your personal Medical Record you are required to make a formal request to the practice manager who will agree a date and time for you to visit the practice and have access to those records.

Whilst viewing your record you are at liberty to make any notes that you may feel appropriate. You will be allowed to ask for copies of any information that you have seen and you will be asked to pay a nominal sum for these copies. It is not permissible under any circumstances to amend, delete or in any other way alter the records.

If you believe that there is an error in your record, you must bring this to the attention of the practice manager who will ensure that your concerns are notified to your General Practitioner. The alleged error will be investigated and if the error is confirmed, the General Practitioner will amend your records accordingly.

Patients Travelling Abroad

This policy outlines the procedure for patients travelling abroad for short and long periods of time.

  • NHS Policy

By law, the NHS ceases to have responsibility for the medical care of patients when they leave the UK. GPs are not required by their terms of service to provide prescriptions for the treatment of a condition that is not present and may arise while the patient is abroad. The NHS does accept responsibility for supplying ongoing medication for temporary periods abroad of up to 3 months. However, if a person is going to be abroad for more than 3 months, then they are only entitled (at NHS expense) to a sufficient supply of regular medication in order to get to their destination, where they should the find an alternative supply of that medication.

Patients residing abroad for a period of more than 3 months should be removed from the registered patient list.

  • Chawton House Policy

Prescriptions for patients travelling out of the country
< 3 months
For patients who inform us they will be out of the country for less than 3 months, we will provide sufficient medicines for an existing condition (e.g. asthma, diabetes…)

> 3 months
Patients who inform us they will be leaving the country for more than 3 months will be prescribed sufficient medication to enable them to make alternative arrangement at their destination (usually a month’s supply). They will also be removed from our list. We will be pleased to re-register patients on their return to residence in the UK.


Training practice

Chawton House Surgery is a training practice for doctors who have worked in hospitals and are gaining experience of General practice. GP Registrars and FY2 doctors are all fully qualified doctors and are an essential part of the team.

We also regularly have Medical Students from Southampton University and Imperial College (London) and you will be asked for your prior consent to their presence in the consultation.

Here is a brief explanation about the structure of the training of postgraduate doctors within the practice .

FY2 doctors – Foundation Year 2 doctors 

This is a fairly new scheme whereby newly qualified doctors move onto a programme structure of diagnosis and management of patients not simply in hospitals but also in mental health and general practice. These doctors have had at least 12 months of experience in hospital medicine after qualifying before they come to general practice.

FY2 doctors are placed with a practice for 4 months and will have their own surgery when they see patients. They are supervised by one of our GP Trainers during their experience of working in general practice.

ST2 doctors

An ST2 is an experienced doctor who has been qualified for a while and has now decided to pursue general practice.

The practice takes on an ST2 in August or February for 6 months. They are different from an FY2 doctor as they are not experiencing working in a GP setting; they are actually training to become a GP. As such they will have their own surgeries, but they will still be supervised by their GP trainer. However, as they become more experienced, their surgeries will be the same as any of the GPs working within the practice. They will also attend for home visits.

ST2s are an integral part of the practice and staff and patients have always found them to be asset.

ST3 doctors 

An ST3 GP registrar is a qualified doctor and has now decided to pursue a career in General practice.

This is their third year of GP training and will have their own surgeries, but they will still be supervised by their GP trainer. The ST3 doctor will be with the Surgery for one year from August and will normally have also been with us as an ST2 for 6 months in the previous year.

Violent and Abusive Behaviour

Our staff are encouraged to handle all enquiries in a friendly and helpful manner and wherever possible to avoid confrontation.  We are aware that for many patients their attendance at a GP Surgery can be a stressful experience.  We endeavour to provide a clean and relaxing environment so that patients can await their consultation with our clinician in comparative peace.

Occasionally patients may try to express their feelings of frustration or anger in a violent or abusive manner. Chawton House GPs, nurses, Staff and other patients are not here to be the butt of unreasonable expressions of anger and this sort of behaviour will not be deemed acceptable under any circumstances.

If a patient persists in such behaviour and continues to act unreasonably in either a verbal or physically violent manner we are at liberty to take action that may result in the patient being removed permanently from the practice list.  We will, in extreme cases, enlist the assistance of the local Police to remove an offender and in this instance we will ask the Police to issue a crime reference number that will be reported to the New Forest Primary Care Trust.

Violent or abusive patients who have been identified to the Primary Care Trust in this manner may subsequently find it difficult to register for Medical Services with an alternative General practice in the locality and may be referred to a special unit who deal specifically with violent or abusive patients.

It’s Your Practice!

“Its Your practice” is a patient guide to GP services has been compiled by The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) you can download one by clicking HERE.

The RCGP is a membership body of family doctors committed to delivering excellence in general practice and patient care, in the UK and overseas. It’s Your practice has been produced as part of the RCGP’s aim to build stronger relationships between patients and their doctors and encourage the involvement and inclusion of patients in their own care.

The guide provides helpful information on all aspects of using GP services: from finding and choosing a practice and how to get the most out of a GP consultation to accessing health records and understanding patients’ rights and responsibilities. The differences in GP services across the four nations are highlighted too.

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