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PPG Newsletter – Hampshire Healthwatch – April 2021

Dear Fellow Chawton House Patient

Important To Have Your Say

Thank you for registering with us on the surgery website.  As with so many things, it has not been possible to make progress with the PPG because of the pandemic.  Our GP’s and surgery staff have been working extremely hard to provide the best possible support to patients that the circumstances allow in a constantly changing situation. We send them all our thanks.

One of the aims of the PPG is to give patients the opportunity to have more say in the NHS services that they are offered.  One of the ways to do this is through Healthwatch Hampshire – Healthwatch is an independent organisation which has groups in every area of England. At the moment they are undertaking their annual survey to find out what matters to the people of Hampshire when it comes to health and social care.

We fell it is important that Chawton House Surgery patients have their say in this important matter and hope you will take part in this survey using the link below.  It does not ask your name and does have plenty of space to make additional comments.

What matters? Health priorities survey for 2021 | Healthwatch Hampshire

If you have any comments once you have completed the questionnaire, please send them to us on

We plan to be in touch soon and are working with Mariette Hadfield, our new Patient Services Manager, to improve communications and provide more opportunities for patients to have a say in the healthcare that they are offered.

With Best Regards

Kathy (Chair) Celia, Alan, David, Mary and Michael

Chawton House PPG Team

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